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Medicine, Magick, Mythos

A Holistic Approach to Psychedelic & Shadow Integration

"We think we make them up, the myths, stories and dreams which so richly define the human imagination. But what if they have an existence that’s independent of us? What if they come to us as psychopomps – a beautiful old word of Greek origins which means ‘soul guide’? How then do we learn to listen to them, to see them, and work with them?

It might seem like a radical idea, but it’s one with a long history. Psychologists Carl Jung and James Hillman both argued that psyche (‘soul’) and its associated archetypes have an independent existence, outside of us. That myth – the fundamental language of psyche – is alive. Myth is actually present in the world. And so, as Hillman put it, perhaps it is not we who imagine, but we who are imagined." 


~ Sharon Blackie

We learn to reinvent ourselves, and transform our lives with grace, when we harness the powers of Medicine, Magick, & Mythos. 


Take a dive with me into the deep waters of the imaginal realm to birth your "Mythic Persona".  I will teach you how to tap into your active imagination, inner wisdom, and innate creativity, to create the life you desire. 


In order for transformation to occur, we must die to our present self & birth someone new.  I will help you cross the threshold into a new world and guide you through a deep transformational journey of life-mastery.

You will uncover your hidden potential through holistic practices, medicine journeys, ritual, & shadow work.  Creating a life worthy of living takes effort, but I will show you how to make this worthwhile process inspirational and fun! 

You are more powerful than you have ever known!  The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.  What do you imagine for yourself 7 months from now? 


Book an appointment to get started creating the life that is meant for you.  Your time is precious.  Let's get started today and shift your life into a space of SOVEREIGN POWER, PURPOSE, & FREEDOM. 

You can create a life filled with meaning, effortless abundance, love, and limitless joy!


About Krystina

Psychedelic Integration Therapist & Guide

Krystina's life has been transformed by the healing power of psychedelics & the numinous. She carries this gift into each sacred container that she holds.  

Krystina offers one-on-one support for psychedelic preparation and integration as well as guiding group journeys, both online and in-person.  Krystina also teaches workshops, and hosts community integration circles both online and at Entheo Society of Washington in Seattle.


If you are considering working with psychedelics for your own personal practice, or if you are interested in incorporating psychedelics into your professional practice, Krystina has you covered.  She offers Psychedelic Business Consulting & Coaching, as well as workshops on how to start your own Psychedelic Integration Circle. Check out her offerings and book an appointment HERE.

Her professional psychedelic experience spans a decade.  She believes in continuing education and receives ongoing mentorship.  During the last 10 years she has trained with many of the top teachers in the intersecting fields of psychedelic medicine, psychology, wellness, mental health, herbalism, & spirituality. 

As a certified Psychedelic Integration Therapist, Spiritual Emergence Coach, & Alchemical Herbalist, Krystina supports individuals in finding their inner healing authority.  The framework she uses synthesizes holistic, psycho-spiritual, transpersonal, somatic and scientific approaches that incorporate integrative strategies for mind, body, & psyche.

Krystina meets you where you are at on your journey.  Psychedelic support sessions are designed for your individual needs. Krystina works within a framework that is informed by the Multi-Disciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) protocol for Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy. This protocol is currently used in psychedelic research and is proven to support lasting positive change for a myriad of health conditions.

Krystina works within a therapeutic and coaching hybrid framework to help you reach your goals and potential for an optimal life of fulfillment. Her passion for nature, plant medicine, shamanism, transpersonal exploration, astrology, astronomy, magick, alchemy, music, dance, and artistic expression infuse her sessions. 

**** She believes that giving to under served communities is important for our collective health as a worldwide community.  If you are experiencing financial hardship, please send an email describing your circumstances. Financial assistance may be available.

Krystina's Education

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Client Talk

What They Say

"Krystina has been a constant guide and ally to my journey and I've gained a wealth of information tapping into her unique skill-sets. Her wide range of knowledge and understanding has proven very helpful to me when finding a common language to speak that's unique to my own life experience. She has a transformative way of thinking that really brought calm and a sense of clear thinking to me, helping me re-contextualize my experience and feel more in my body. It has been a fun ride as well and I'm glad for all the wisdom imparted!"

James Lavrakas

"I can't say enough good things about Krystina. Her help & guidance has given me a renewed lease on life. My health has improved physically. I had suffered with an autoimmune disorder, and due to the services provided, I have had a great improvement. This was a result of being able to do some deep healing in myself: my heart, my soul & the way I think about the world.  The wisdom & perspectives provided have given me a new lease on life. I am grateful for what Krystina provided in my personal life."

Josh Ames

"When I started working with Krystina, she helped me sleep better and cut down on vices that were no longer serving me.  She helped boost my confidence to try new things and explore my creativity.  Eventually, I became interested in exploring psychedelic integration with her through dream & shadow work.  I am also interested in magick, but am highly skeptical about such things.  Still, my curiosity led me to work with Krystina. I tried out some of her recommended practices.  The most notable experience I had was when she asked me to start documenting my dreams.  I resisted this, because my dreams were often boring or I did not remember them at all.  Krystina asked me to please give it a chance, so I did. One night, while dreaming, I had a psychic premonition that someone I love needed my help and what exactly it is that they needed.  I called them the next morning and it turned out they did need my help and they were thinking about asking me for help while I was dreaming of them!  It blew my mind open!  Now I feel so much more creative and open to more possibility!"

Victoria Chinnell

"Krystina's guidance & support have been more helpful to me than the licensed therapist and psychiatrist I went to for many years.  Krystina has helped me see my worth and my confidence has skyrocketed!  Krystina is a compassionate listener and shares so much wisdom and love.  She showed me active steps to take to improve my communication in relationships, and to achieve my goals.  She also helped me to understand better the esoteric realms, which have improved my magick and outcomes for success.  I highly recommend working with Krystina if you have some big goals in life and need support to get there."

Caroline Zen

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