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Private Exploratory Session

Gateway to ALL offerings provided by The Psychedelic Alchemist

  • 1 h
  • 111 US dollars
  • Zoom or Signal

Service Description

Aloha! How may I best serve you? Let's have a private exploratory conversation and assess where you are on your journey. Our private session will be informed by your needs and topic of focus. Some topics of focus could include: * Psychedelic education on harm reduction & best practices * Microdosing protocols and how to find the "sweet spot" * Shadow & somatic work to break through stuck patterns * Psychedelic assisted therapy for healing * Psychospiritual alchemy and transpersonal exploration for navigating life transitions * Entheogenic ceremony to connect with divine presence * Plant spirit connection and developing relationships with plant Devas * How to vet a practitioner, shaman, or retreat * Ritual practice for integration and transformation * Invoking archetypal forces, such as Eros to stoke your creative fire * Dream divination and incubation * Existential Kink for psychedelic integration * Incorporating psychedelics into your professional practice * Mentorship for psychedelic professionals * Herbalism, holistic health, and other complimentary modalities Are you ready to RISE? Then you must first take a DEEP DIVE. 🧜‍♀️ If you want to ride the waves of life with more grace, I am here to support you. 🏄‍♀️ With a decade of professional psychedelic, plant medicine, & holistic healing experience, I am a rich resource on tap! As we explore your desires and goals, I will meet you where you are at -- with radical acceptance, kindness, & care. I provide guidance through firm accountability & keen discernment with a compassionate dose of playful tough love when that is needed. Real change takes time. For those who are ready to commit to radical shifts and create more freedom and joy in their lives, I offer one-on-one private sessions with a 7 month transformational framework. This container may include an invitation for exclusive, in-person, private sessions and/or group retreats. Invitations are on a case-by-case basis. A lot can be accomplished in a short time. Customized holistic integration packages are available. Let's explore creative ways to unmask your shadow & deepest desires. . . . An inspiring life of bliss, health, & satisfaction are within your reach -- Let's get you there! Are you ready to reach a new level? The time is NOW. BOOK NOW TO GET STARTED. Mahalo!

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